WARHODL is the culmination of an early curiosity towards cryptocurrency and a lifelong path as an artist, truly materializing through web3. As WARHODL, he has amassed over 1,300 collectors, been shown at the Getty Museum, have collaborated with Paris Hilton and Soho House, a reoccurring public speaker, as well as having created pieces for high-profile individuals including Conor McGregor.

"SLIVING SOUP" collaboration/installation with Paris Hilton for 11:11 Slivingland | Los Angeles
"FLOWER SOUP" painting for Getty Museum's 25th Anniversary of the Getty Center | Los Angeles
"SOHO DESERT HOUSE SOUP" installation for Soho House | Coachella
"GOLD SOUP" for Bitcoin 2022 Conference | Miami
"Miami Forever" Shoe collaboration with Modern Vice for Art Basel | Miami
"MCGREGOR" Soup for Conor Mcgregor and McGregor Fast
"THE SOUP FACTORY" pop-up for Bitcoin 2021 conference | MIAMI

Convergence Art Show curated by Keith Botha | Silverlake
Hollywood Music in Media Awards Red Carpet Live Painting | Los Angeles
Mimomas & Live Art curated by WARHODL | NYC
Artemis Art Basel | Miami
Quantum Art / PASS Live Painting curated by Keith Botha | Santa Monica
FutureShape360 Live Painting curated by Keith Botha | Denver
Modern Vice / Gabe Weis / PASS Paint Party | NYC
Living With Will Show Melrose LA

Panel Speaker – FutureShape360 Conference in Denver
Panel Speaker – NFT NYC Conference
Collaborator – The Weeknd Tour x HXOUSE
Panel Speaker – DcentralCon | Miami
Panel Speaker – NFT NYC Conference

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