Displaying "THE SOUP FACTORY" pop-up at the BITCOIN 2021 Conference in Miami was an absolute game-changer for WARHODL, but it wasn't promised. So much was on the line as an artist, the first of showcasing a series publicly, in front of 6,000 people no less, and not knowing what the reception would entail. The internal dialog of WARHODL as later told was that of massive uncertainty during these few days in Miami, as an artist, and questioning everything. On the second day, in the span of hours, he went on to sell dozens of art pieces quickly ridding that doubt and thus becoming WARHODL's breakout moment.

Originally, there were eight different looks made for this "OG" capsule collection as a homage to the early cryptocurrency days and terminology. Each concept has a larger-than-life 1/1 "Large" version, and an editioned series of soup cans that are shelf-size. There is also a "Satoshi Nakamoto" edition.

All physicals receive their blockchain NFT equivalent.

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